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Precision inclination sensor for GPS Reference Stations

 The Leica Nivel210 precision inclination sensor for simultaneous measurement of inclination, direction of inclination and temperature based on an optoelectronic concept.

  • To detect and monitor inclination displacement of a GPS Reference Station installation
  • Where high precision information about the inclination and the direction of movement is needed
  • The Nivel210 sensor is equipped with an RS232 interface to connect the sensor directly to the GPS1200 system
  • Easily to integrate into your GPS Spider network

Precise information about inclination displacement of GPS Reference Stations installations:

  • Two-axis high precision sensor with a resolution of 0.001 mrad
  • Highly accurate measurements and long-range stability Real-time data on a continuous basis
  • Connectable to the Leica GPS1200 system

Scarica Catalogo:  pdf  Leica Nivel210 (147.13 kB)

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